My Flipped Classroom Example

My Flipped Classroom Example

I used quicktime screen record and launched the power point when I pressed record.  Used internal mic on my macbook, 1 take.  I used this PP in my student teaching.  I’m a little rusty on the material already.  


2 thoughts on “My Flipped Classroom Example

  1. Thanks for posting about this MAC shortcut. I had no idea. I was already committed to using EduCreations for my podcast, but I like this idea for podcast creation too. Seems painless. Did you just talk over a PPT?

    • Thanks Robyn. Yeah just talked over the powerpoint in a similar fashion as I would in front of the class. In would have been helpful to be able to use something that I could have circled certain things but it was real easy so thats why I used it. I’m going to check out EduCreations.

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