How to record a screencast video for free on Mac OS X

I couldn’t figure out how to use a powerpoint and add my audio over it on my mac. With Imovie you have to get the images from you camera or Iphoto. This trick allowed me to open a powerpoint and just record my voice over the existing slides. Very easy and useful for out assignment and if you are going to make these videos in the future.

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It’s hard to find any detailed information on the web about how to record a screen video without buying expensive software. I found out how to do it, so here I’m going to explain what I did for the benefit of anyone else who’s trying to do the same.

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3 thoughts on “How to record a screencast video for free on Mac OS X

  1. This is good information to have since I have a mac as well. For my assignment I used Knovio, you can upload your powerpoint and record over it too. I may have to try imovie sometime to become familiar with that too.

    • Knovio is cool! Was it one of the one suggested? For my powerpoint it was to small. I didn’t check if I could make my face smaller and the presentation bigger.

      • I ended up by just using the sound. My lighting was not great to do video (though that was my initial intent). Thus, I am not sure the full capabilities

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