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This podcast talked about google virtual field trip. I hadn’t heard about this until this course but it seems useful.  I probably should have search for something more interesting to me.   I can’t get into a podcast unless it was something I really want to hear about.  Otherwise it’s really boring.  This was a awfully boring video.  I should have just listened instead of watching.  

The “enhanced podcast” instructions were great.  The flipped classroom concept is something I definitely plan on using.  Even if I don’t flip, I still think I should make my powerpoints with audio so if a student is absent they can see what they missed in terms of notes/instruction.




Funny guy. I loved what he is saying but it’s not news to me.  I love how parents always get a free pass.  Maybe the drop out problem is a parenting issue, not a school issue.  If parents had to be licensed and get “professional development” we wouldn’t have many of the issues.  Unfit parents have kids and it’s America’s problem to fix.  I hadn’t thought about the economic toll of our stupidity, and it was interesting to hear him talk about the problem from that perspective.  I hope some day that educators will have a voice in the process, but for that to really happen the whole system would have to change.  Then companies like “Goldman Sachs” (who sponsored some of these videos FYI) would have to let that happen, and we all know the share holders won’t like that a bit. 

How to record a screencast video for free on Mac OS X

I couldn’t figure out how to use a powerpoint and add my audio over it on my mac. With Imovie you have to get the images from you camera or Iphoto. This trick allowed me to open a powerpoint and just record my voice over the existing slides. Very easy and useful for out assignment and if you are going to make these videos in the future.

Bosker Blog

It’s hard to find any detailed information on the web about how to record a screen video without buying expensive software. I found out how to do it, so here I’m going to explain what I did for the benefit of anyone else who’s trying to do the same.

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