Nut & Bolts

Nut & Bolts

When I visual my classroom, I see my students teaching themselves much like they did in the authors classroom.   I always learned better through teaching, so I plan to have my students take ownership of the classroom as much as possible.  I’m coaching them along more then actually teaching.  In the article the author describes something similar in that she is a “co-collaborator” with her students.   

The only issue I have with the author is where are the standards/SOLs?  Are they being addressed?  I’m no fan of standards/SOLS and testing, but as long as teachers are accountable for teaching them, I think they need to be addressed.  I think if the students, in the article, were provided the standards and what they need to learn from the project, they may not have struggled with the creative process as much as mentioned.  I could be wrong here and the students were guided with the standards, but it just wasn’t mentioned.

Overall a very good idea that I will definitely try to recreated in my class. 


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