“Giving Reluctant Students a Voice”

“Giving Reluctant Students a Voice”

I loved the idea that the article suggests.  I think using a classroom blog is a great way to get all students involved.  I don’t think it should be the only way.  I think you have to get students to use their voice in the classroom and not just type their thoughts.  They do plenty of that already on their phones.  If you have type 3 and 4’s, then it’s the teachers job to get them involved in the discussions.  Give them advanced notice of the topics you are going to call them on so they can be prepared and help eliminate some of the anxiety that students have about speaking in front of people. If that solution doesn’t work then speak to them about what is limiting them mentally.  No matter what subject, there is have “hidden curriculum”, and building confidence should be high on the agenda.  So says me. 


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